Key Shareholders

Origin Enterprises plc had been notified in accordance with the Disclosure and Transparency Rules of the following shareholdings amounting to 3% or more of its ordinary share capital.

Significant Shareholders Information

Shares in issue (excluding treasury shares): 125,595,853 Ordinary Shares in issue, as at last close.

800,330 securities are held as treasury shares.

Shareholder Name No. of shares % shareholding
19,194,268 15.3
16,583,027 13.2
11,378,695 9.1
10,064,279 8.1
5,101,233 4.1

Last updated on 18 May 2020

Percentage of Shares not in public hands

In accordance with AIM/ESM Rule 26, the percentage of shares not in public hands is approximately 2.2%.

Last updated on 14 October 2019